magical ride

Magical Ride is released!


After many trips back and forth from Gotland, Magical Ride finally got made. It’s been a fun journey, and we want to thank so many people for making this album possible. You can listen to Magical Ride online here, and of course on Spotify. Make sure to order a cd or vinyl via our shop aswell.

Magical Ride Tracks

  1. C’mon
  2. Mixed emotions
  3. No way out
  4. Working hard for your money
  5. Woman
  6. Dust in my eye
  7. Everybody needs somebody to love
  8. Rosalie
  9. Fifth time loser
  10. You are my love
  11. Magical ride

Magical Ride Info

  • Produced by Mikael Lyander & Jetbone
  • Associate producer / Horn arrangements : Johan Dereborn
  • Engineered & Mixed by Mikael Lyander – Assisting Engineer: Dennis Denkan Silven
  • Master by Kevin Nix, Ardent Studios Memphis TN
  • Recorded at Sandkvie Studio (Gotland, Sweden)
  • Horns, back vox and percussions at Dereborn Production, Sundsvall, Sweden
  • Design: Daniel Arlestig
  • Photography: Karl Melander
  • Alin Riabouchkin: Lead vocals, Lead & rhythm guitar.
  • Gustav Sjödin: Lead vocals & lead bass.
  • Albin Linder: Drums
  • Sebastian Bisse Engberg: Lead Guitar.
  • Tobias Bengtsson: Lead Piano & Lead Organs
  • All songs by Riabouchkin/Sjödin, arrangement by Jetbone.
  • Horns by Christer Falk & Per Svelander.
  • Arrangements by Johan Dereborn
  • Backing vocals by Lilian Bokestig & Jamina Jansson plus the amazing kids of Tuna Church Choir enhanced by Linnea Junggren, Madelene Backlund, Emma Nyberg-Helgsten, Ebba Nordin, Oliver Lidén, Lisa Lind, Irma Högl, Engla Björk, Ebba Nordin, Ronja och Malva Näslund, Ella Hammarberg, Kajsa Siebenfreund

Again, thanks to all of you! Over and out /Jetbone.