Jetbone begins “The 200 Tour”


After six years and two full-length albums, Sundsvall’s still rude young “Good Time Rock’n’Roll” heroes Jetbone, has found their identity and decided to fully focus on the band and the music. Jetbone want to reach for the stars, and they want to do it their way. Hold on now … the guys in the band has canceled both jobs and apartments, bought a tour van and decided to do two hundred gigs until 2018!

THE 200 tour started with the first gig at Katalin and continues with a European tour in January. The band goes under the slogan: “Let us know – we will” and the gang are ready to take any kind of gig. “We want to show us as much as possible and in as many places as possible,” says the band’s bassist and one of the lead singers Gustav “Gurten” Sjödin, who throughout the fall played with Doug Seegers. “We know that we are already one of the best live bands you can see, but a goal with THE 200 TOUR is to make us the very best!”, Gustav continues.

“I have followed the band for several years now and has been from day one felt that there is something very special in the band,” says Björn Pettersson from Rootsy music as the band’s manager. “” What makes the band special is often that they are “real” band, ie buddies who both like to play together and hang together. This band has rehearsed countless hours and Brailed more than most. They are crazy good musicians of his age. JETBONE is “the real deal” and but what I like most about the band is that they want to play to give his audience a comfortable experience and a kanonkväll stuck with his music and in his own way “, Björn continues.

Would you help Jetbone to achieve their goals, book or tip venues that book. No one will be disappointed!