About Jetbone

Jetbone is a Swedish rock band from Sundsvall, formed in 2008. The band consists of Alin Riabouchkin (vocals and guitar), Gustav “Gurten” Sjödin (bass and vocals), Sebastian Engberg (lead guitar), Rasmus Fors (piano and organs) and Albin Linder (drums). Jetbone’s music is versatile within the rock and roll scene, yet heavily influenced by southern rock, funk and soul. To date, they have two studio albums – the self-titled album “Jetbone” released in 2012, and their recent album “Macigal Ride” released in 2015. They are currently active in Sweden, playing various shows and engaging in diverse musical projects.

Jetbone was first known as “Degeneration”, which lived among a broad circle of youths who enjoyed playing and exploring music together. As the early months went by, the core of the band started to take shape and they eventually got their first gigs at local places like Pipeline, Domsaga and various schools. The band suddenly decided to change their name to Jetbone because Degeneration, according to them, lacked uniqueness and opened up for misspelling in news and shows.

Throughout the years, Jetbone have had many members who have come and gone – which has labeled their constantly changing music style. The band’s early sound was influenced by garage rock and punk, which, presently, developed into a more melodic, groove-focused movement.

The band’s gigs have mostly been in Sweden. Internationally, they have toured in Spain two times and Russia once. Their most recent tour was in Sweden 2015, with the American musician Hannah Aldridge.

Photographic Resurrection: Jetbone Within

Jetbone’s most extensive project was the “Photographic Resurrection: Jetbone Within” from 2012 to 2014. They invited photographers to make their own interpretation of the band while imitating photos of their own iconic photographer. For example, here’s Albin photographed by Paulina Holmgren in the imitation of Anton Corbijn and Lars Erik Nygård photographic style. The project was later sold as a comprehensive photobook with a smaller release show at Galleri Granen in Sundsvall.

The photographers were Thomas Wågström, Sofia Runarsdotter, Sanna Sjöswärd, Kristofer Lönnå, Oskar Ohlson, Maria-Thérèse Sommar, Paulina Holmgren, Martina Sjaunja, Bruno Ehrs, Tony Sandin, Terje Lindblom and Rhys Jones.

The “resurrected” iconic photographers were Christer Strömholm, Wolfgang Tillmans, Annie Leibovitz, Anton Corbijn, Julia Margaret Cameron, Francesca Woodman, Lars Erik Nygård, Richard Avedon, John Anderson, Robert Capa and Storm Thorgerson.

A funky rock n' roll band from Sundsvall, Sweden.